About Pythes

Pythes is all about perspectives.

What YOU believe is right or wrong is only whats right or wrong to your perception of reality. What you believe is determined by your perception of reality of what’s wrong and right.

Puting something in perspective means to compare something to other things so that it can be accurately and fairly judged. But what if what you compare it to is not completely accurate, or not actually right or wrong as you think it is?

With Pythes we try to show you that the world is not always the world as you see it.

What is true?

All philosophers agree that we need to find out the true meaning of things. We should not always accept what people tell us. Nor should we take it for granted that what we say and think is true. If we talk about love or anger, for example, do we really understand what we are saying?

The best way to get at the truth of anything was to keep asking questions.

How should we live?

What makes a good life? Most people of his time would have chosen fame, money, and power, but these things didn’t interest more awakened people. More and more people think that we should forget about personal comfort and possessions and pursue the truth.

We must work out what “good” really means and try to do the right things. People are not bad on purpose, but did bad things only because they didn’t know better.

With Pythes we want to give you perspectives and insights about how you could live.