• Herobrine – The famous Minecraft creepypasta. He is the main teacher and possibly the principal, and he often uses his powers in class, mostly to teleport the students somewhere, revive dead students, etc.
  • Hildegarde – A powerful witch that held the brewing lesson, invited the new students to the school and was in charge of the bus trip.


  • Zombie Villagers – They are the workers/staff at the Monster School. They do everything from being janitors to cafeteria workers.

Students (In mob ID order)

  • Creep [Creeper] – A quite lazy student that usually steals other students’ work instead of actually doing things on his own. Although if he has to, he does.
  • Skellington [Skeleton] – An awful archer, but a gifted cook. His life is pretty ironic, because he doesn’t eat and a skeleton’s main weapon is bow.
  • Witton – [Wither Skeleton] A stupid and clumsy wither skeleton who loves combat with swords, which suits his wither skeleton personality. He also likes violent sports.
  • Spider – [Spider] Skellington’s best friend. He loves to use his spider abilities like climbing and shooting cobwebs whenever he gets the chance.
  • Zombee – [Zombie] A zombie that wants to learn, but his lack of brain makes it a bit hard.
  • Zupay – [Zombie Villager] A baby zombie villager whose mind is created of pure evil. He is the viewers least favourite student, and second most hated character by Willcraft after Lord Laskig. He is afraid of the Bus Driver, as shown in “Bus Trip”.
  • Mucus – [Slime] A slime that comes from France, skilled in the art of engineering and tries as hard as he can to pass Herobrine’s classes, and on rare occasions when he does bad, he gets frustrated.
  • Ghist – [Ghast] A lonely head-collecting ghast with an attraction to withers. She secretly has a crush on Multus since he is a wither, has three heads, and shoots wither skulls.
  • Zombieswine – [Zombie Pigman] The bully of the class and Endie’s archenemy. He hates Mucus for almost always getting good grades. He is quite stupid.
  • Endie – [Enderman] A friendly, artistic, but sometimes lazy enderman. He loves building sculptures. He is friendly to everyone in the class except Zombieswine. He is the viewer’s favourite student.
  • Cavell – [Cave Spider] A cave spider that always denies help, claiming that he does fine on his own. He also refuses the fact that he is small. He’s bad at jumping, since he has fallen to his death multiple times when trying to leap over a gap. He also has a rivalry with Spider as shown in Acrobatics, although it may be a friendly one since they talked to each other in Meet The New Students.
  • Silvester – [Silverfish] A cowardly silverfish who loves digging and exploring new areas.
  • Blaise – [Blaze] An easily enraged blaze. She dislikes Creep, and ironically they often have to work together.
  • Maggie – [Magma Cube] A magma cube that loves eating, yet despises the thought of being fat. Thanks to her appetite she can grow in size and splits into clones that help her with her lessons.
  • Multus – [Wither Boss] A wither who has heads that have different personalities. The left head is pure evil and the right head is good, and the middle head mostly listens on one of them and likes scaring people.

Other characters

  • Bus Driver – A demented bus driver who appears in the intro, in Scaring, and Bus Trip. He bears a resemblance to Lord Läskig, but with a different outfit and has facial expressions.
  • Santa. – ….