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Several major cryptocommunity members are discussing the rumor that Facebook might be holding Bitcoin on its balance sheet.

The latter has assumed that the current rise of Bitcoin back above the $53,000 level may be due to Facebook buying Bitcoin, whereas the recent plunge below $48,000 was due to Tesla selling 10 percent of its BTC holdings.

Facebook is expected to Reveal this when they share their Q1 Earnings Report Tomorrow, wednesday 28th.

Though now it sounds as a rumour, Facebook is not an alien in the crypto world. Facebook’s holding Bitcoin would sound logical since the company is taking its second global attempt to enter the cryptocurrency space. With its first attempt Libra (that was shot by the ÚS Government), it now has its second attempt the Diem coin and the Novi wallet which have already attracted the attention of the global crypto community.

The Diem Association is now in the process of securing a payments license from regulators in Switzerland and plans to roll out Diem trials later this year.