Due to the corona virus, children can’t go to school for a while. So, what can you do to improve their schoolwork at home?
Many teachers and masters are now trying to give the lessons digitally. Maybe their teacher will also send videos to explain all the subjects. They teach children and try to explain everything to them in videos. But after that explanation, the children have to get to work themselves. Not in a classroom, but in the living room, bedroom or garden. It may be the same with you. That is different from what you are used to. That is why master Jord has listed a few tips for you to do your schoolwork well at home.

Tip 1: Keep their workplace tidy

Choose a place in the house where they can and like to sit. Is there a table or desk there where you can work well? Clean up that spot first for both of you. If there are many trinkets or toys around, the kids will be more distracted. So make sure you have a tidy place before the kids start their school work. Otherwise it will simply take longer to complete their schoolwork … And while they are working hard on math and spelling, you can sit down at the same spot, close to them, to do your work, while keeping an eye on them and being there when they have a question. Their homeschool is quality time as well!

Tip 2: Let them take their time

Make sure the workplace is quiet. If there is a lot of noise, your kids will not be able to read the assignments properly. Give the time to read through the assignments calmly without interfering. This way they can understand the assignments well. Is it hard for them? When you are close they can ask you for help and you can try to explain the assignment.

Tip 3: Take a break

Didn’t you secretly like the breaks the most at school? Good news: taking a break at home is also important. For example, have them get up after working for 30 minutes to grab a drink, take a walk in the garden or give their grandfather or grandmother a call. Your brain cannot be at full power all day long. If you allow them to take a break, your can have your break as well, and you both will have the energy to continue afterwards. But be careful not to make the breaks too long… Work has to be done.

Tip 4: make a checklist

Do you know what the kids have to do for school each day? Did their master or teacher give them a list of tasks? In the morning, write down all their tasks and make a to-do list. This way they can mark the task when they are done with it and know when it is almost time to play. You can also write ‘pause’ there!

Tip 5: Let them ask for help

At school they can ask the teacher if you don’t understand something. But how can they do that if they work from home and have questions? When they start studying let them know who they ask to explain the assignment to them at that moment. And when it is not possible, and you and others are too busy for a while? Let them write down the questions and whenever you can, go through them together. If no one has a clue about the answer, have them send it or ask the teacher.

Tip 6: Don’t get frustrated.

If your kid is studying something and has no clue what to do, and you don’t know either, then decide together that this is something both of you can’t complete and leave it at that. Don’t get angry, and let your kid know that in these tough circumstances this is something they need the teacher for. Discuss how you can let their teacher know. And then move on to something else.

Good luck!