What is the right order to make milk tea?
Some people say that pouring milk first is a tradition designed to protect the porcelain cup from the temperature shock of the hot water.
Scientists say that pouring milk first prevents bitter elements from forming when the tea brews. The official method of the British, the most notorious tea drinkers, requires you to pour the milk first, at a ratio of 1.75ml of milk per 100ml of tea, which means about a spoonful of milk per cup.
That may be true, but it seems normal to us to adjust the amount of milk to the strength of the tea. And that is only possible if you have poured the tea into the cup first.
George Orwell described in an article on tea in the London Evening Standard in 1946 that by first pouring the tea, while stirring, you can precisely control the amount of milk.
So there you have it. Do it the way you prefer.