We all wear clothes, and we buy fashion in the style and colors that match our personality. Some like colorful, eye-catching clothing, while others prefer a simple all black look. Scientists say that the first clothing consisted of animal skins and fur. Over the years this expanded. People got cold and wanted to cover themselves. During the development of agriculture it was discovered that you could weave linen and cotton into clothing. You now have an infinite number of different types of clothing brands, including very chic. Let’s check the top 10 most expensive clothing brands.

In 1975, the Armani brand was founded by the Italian Giorgio Armani. The brand has offices and shops worldwide and is known by everyone in the fashion world. For an Armani garment you pay an average of 1000, -. The brand also has “cheaper” sections under it, such as the more affordable “EA7” “collection.

Versace is a household name in the fashion world. The brand was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, who founded. 1997 he was was murdered and after his death, his sister Donatella Versace took over the business with his brother Santo. For a Versace garment you also pay an average of 1000, -.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lifshitz was born and raised in a disadvantaged New York area and dreamed of his own clothing brand. After being bullied about his last name, he changed his last name to “Lauren” at the age of 16. In 1967 he borrowed $ 50,000 and started his own company: “Polo fashions” which in 2010 had an annual turnover of $ 5 billion!

Not Italian this time, but a French brand! Chistian Dior founded his brand in 1946 from the city of love, Paris. Unfortunately, the designer died of a heart attack as early as 1957. Yves Saint Laurent was then put in charge of the Dior brand. In 2019 Dior had a turnover of almost 50 billion euros.

The first Prada store was opened in 1913 by Mario Prada in Milan’s famous shopping arcade. The brand is hugely successful and even launched a phone in 2007 together with LG. For a small prada bag you already pay 1000, – euros.

This company was founded by the world famous Coco Chanel. Her name is a statement in the fashion world. At the beginning of the last century she launched her first perfume and many more perfumes and clothing followed. When Coco died in 1971, designer Karl Lagerfeld took over from her. For a Chanel dress you will have to pay about 1500, -!

This French brand, founded by Thierry Hermes, is best known for its bags. The brand is originally from Paris but now has branches all over the world. Hermés bags are for sale for more than 350,000. You can buy a hoodie for 2000, – euro.

Louis Vouitton
Perhaps one of the most famous brands of our time. Like many other luxury brands, the brand was founded in France. Louis Vouitton Malletier was founded in 1854. In 2019 the brand had annual sales of 53.7 billion euros.

Guccigang. The mega popular brand is widely used in songs and clips. Gucci is worn by young and old and is known as a comfortable, but expensive brand. When founder Guccio Gucci opened his first shop in 1921, he still worked in a hotel, but this was soon no longer necessary. The brand now has an annual turnover of billions of euros.

Oscar de la Renta
Oscasar de la Renta. Certainly not the best known, but one of the most expensive brands in the world! The brand is known for its timeless wedding dresses. Oscar passed away in 2014. George Clooney’s wife (Amal Clooney) is married in an Oscar de la Renta creation. The dress cost a whopping 380,000.