There are many more benefits to gaming than you think. It makes you a lot smarter and more social. Here are some reasons why gaming isn’t bad for you!

You gain more empathy
Empathy means that you can relate with someone else and understand their feelings, for example when someone is sad or very happy. Gaming is actually a bit like reading or watching movies. In these activities you are often very involved in choices that are made. Choices such as saving someone’s life or decide to go on an adventure, and realizing the consequences of these choices. This allows you to empathize with the person you are currently playing in the game.

Your mobility skills improve
To be good at a game you often have to have good mobility skills. This means the way you move and in this case from what you see to how your hands move. Gaming improves spatial awareness and improves motor skills.

Better concentration
If you are a busy person you may find it difficult to concentrate. Gaming can ensure that you learn to concentrate better because you are often very precise. If you are less distracted, you perform much better! This can be very useful for school!

You gain more general knowledge.
General knowledge is an important part in life. Examples of general knowledge are your knowledge about the history, culture or other things in the world that you do not always learn at school, but are important to know a bit of anyway. Games are often based on history and facts. So you can certainly increase your general knowledge!

You learn English faster
Many games are only made in English. By playing this at a young age, you will learn English much faster. As a result, you are sometimes already ahead of the teaching material you receive.

You make more social contacts
“Play outside, gaming is not social after all!” “You may have heard of your parents. But is this actually the case? You can game online, together with friends. Because of this you sometimes even learn to work together and you can also talk to each other at the same time.

Gaming can help you relax
Gaming is often a distraction, after school or work it can be very relaxing to enjoy a game of games!

Of course it is important to keep boundaries. It is a good idea if you make some rules about gaming at home, preferably with your parents.

And from now on you can let them read this article if your parents say gaming is bad for you! đŸ˜‰