The sun’s radiation is bad for your skin. You can get a sunburn, and even get skin cancer! That’s why we use sunblock to protect us. But how does this magical stuff work?

UV radiation

Sunlight contains ultraviolet radiation, also known as UV radiation. You cannot see this radiation with your naked eye. Ultraviolet radiation is harmful to people, plants and animals. This radiation causes your skin to burn if you spend too long in the sun.

Ozone layer

The ozone layer is a layer of air that contains a lot of ozone. Ozone protects us from the dangerous rays of the sun. Some substances damage the ozone layer. The ozone layer is getting thinner due to pollution, making it easier for ultraviolet radiation to reach the earth. Therefore, apply well with sunblock so that you are protected against the radiation!


Some sunblocks have a filter that blocks harmful UV rays. Other sunblocks reflect sunlight like a mirror.