Have you ever walked in a pouring rain? Do you ever wonder where all that rain comes from?


There is a lot of water in most areas. The water from the rivers, canals, ponds and oceans evaporates. The vapor goes into the air and forms a cloud. The tiny droplets in the cloud keep hitting each other. For example, a lot of small drops form one big drop. When the big drops get too heavy, they fall down like rain.


The cloud usually floats very high in the air. There it freezes. The precipitation from the clouds therefore usually consists of ice cubes or snowflakes. The further the precipitation falls, the warmer the air is there.

Snow or hail

As a result, the precipitation thaws and it becomes raindrops. This does not happen when it is very cold, then the precipitation does not thaw and it will snow or hail.

Do you get wetter when you walk or run in the rain?

It seems very logical to run very fast when you are raining. But is that the most sensible choice?

From the front

When the rain comes from the front, you get wetter than when the rain comes straight from above. But in both cases it is best to run as fast as possible.

From behind

If the rain is coming from behind, it is better to walk slowly.