Both the North Pole and the South Pole are extremely cold. Which of the two is coldest?

South Pole

The South Pole (Antarctica) is the coldest area on Earth. The ice layer can be 2 kilometers thick in some places! Around Antarctica there is an ocean that freezes over in the winter months. It can then be 70 degrees below zero! Even during summer, the temperature barely rises above freezing. You immediately understand why there are no people living here, except for a few scientists. This is also where the penguins live.

North Pole

The North Pole (Arctic) is not a continent. It is a vast ocean with land around it. These are tundras (low vegetation, swamp-like plains). The North Pole is slightly warmer than the South Pole, but still very cold! (Small) plants can grow here. The Eskimos also live there, and rumours are this is where Santa Clause lives. You can find polar bears and wolves on the North Pole. These polar bears often have a white coat so that they blend in perfectly with the snowy area.


Vector illustration of North Pole sign with Santa’s sleigh. Hi-res jpg included (5578x3900px) and EPS-8 file.