A rainforest is a wooded area in which it rains a lot. In addition to the large amount of rain, rainforests are characterized by the large number of animal species that live there. A lot of rainforest is constantly destroyed, so that the amount of rainforest decreases quickly.

Warm climate

If we continue like this, there will be no rainforest in 100 years! Rainforests are mainly found in places where it is very hot. Due to the warm climate, the rainwater evaporates quickly. So the air is very humid and then it will rain again. The water is actually pumped around constantly: it falls down, it evaporates and rises, and it falls down again. The rainforests, along with the oceans, also affect the Earth’s climate.


Without rainforests, it would probably be much drier, even in the Netherlands. So if the rainforest is cut down, it will also have consequences for us. The climate can get completely upset.