Some children get a stuffed nose or have to sneeze when they get close to a cat. Those children are allergic. They cannot withstand certain substances, such as in this case a cat’s hair or saliva. Sometimes they get medicines for it and sometimes it goes away by itself.

An allergy is a type of hypersensitivity. Your body is very smart and ensures that everything is removed that can make you sick. This can be hairs or fluff, but also bacteria. You cannot see bacteria, but they are everywhere. You breathe them in or swallow them. Your body is working all day to get rid of the bacteria.

If you are allergic to, for example, a cat’s hair, things go wrong. Your body then reacts very violently. Your nose sees a cat’s hairs as sickening invaders! The mucous membrane in your nose becomes very red and becomes inflamed, making it look like you have a cold.

There are many more allergies. For example, you can be allergic to dust, milk, grass … you name it. Everyone’s complaints are different. For example, one gets itchy, the other has a stomachache or rash. If you think you are allergic to something, the doctor has ways to find out what causes the allergic reaction.