Meteorites on Earth

Fortunately, there has never been a very large meteor in quite a while. However, small remains have been found all over our planet. There are special cameras all over the world that monitor whether meteorites are coming or where they are going! Meteors usually burn up before they hit Earth.

How does a meteorite get to Earth?

Meteorites float around in our solar system. Every so often stones collide in space, it goes on a new course, which is sometimes Earth, and this “stone” enters the atmosphere. At that moment, the stone becomes very hot, then it becomes a ‘shooting star’ or a meteor. If the meteor is not burned entirely, it can land on Earth. Then it is calles a meteorite. If a meteorite crashes to Earth, it could cause a lot of mess and noise.

What happens if a large meteorite strikes?

Then we have a problem! The meteorite would splash a lot of earth and leave a large crater. The consequences for the earth are not yet clear. According to Dr. Amito, it will take another 100 million years before a huge meteorite can hit Earth. No need to panic! But if a meorite hits the earth, we do have a problem. Due to the impact, a lot of dust would get into the air so that the sun cannot warm us up and it gets very cold.